Show Notes

On this episode of A Walk on the Wild Side, join host Kyle Kansman (2022 DVM candidate) and board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist Dr. Kirk Munoz (DVM, MRCVS, CVMA, DACVAA) as they take you through anesthesia & analgesia in exotic animals.  Learn about drugs used for premedication, induction, maintenance, and anesthetic emergencies as well as anesthetic monitoring and ways to be more successful with anesthesia in exotic patients.  This episode has a special focus on birds, rabbits, and ferrets with some additional "pop-up" portions related to wildlife provided by Kyle.  Just be aware, this episode in particular is more dense and strongly geared towards veterinary professionals & similar disciplines that work with anesthetic/analgesic drugs.  But of course, all listeners all welcome :) 

Music by MBB